Faculty and Staff

Coordination Team:

Name: Dr Anita Tiphagne
Position: Coordinator of ISC and Associate Professor & Coordinator of Master of Arts in Social Work
Contact: anitachristinetiphagne@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Anita Tiphagne is the Joint Coordinator of the International Studies Centre and is responsible for the international partnerships of Lady Doak College and exchange students of Lady Doak College to other universities around the world. Anita looks at ISC as a space for vibrant student engagements with a multicultural global focus. She believes that ISC is a platform for students to discover, nurture, and work towards their own dreams and also society's aspirations. She also sees the ISC facilitating transformative education. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and is the Coordinator of the Master of Social Work programme. She teaches papers in Social Work, Sociology and Human Rights.

Name: Ms Hannah Samuel
Position: : Coordinator of ISC, Assistant Professor of English
Contact: hannahsophiahsamuel@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Hannah Samuel is the Joint Coordinator of the International Study Centre. She is responsible for the International Service-Learning Programme hosted by Lady Doak College and the International students on campus. Hannah considers ISC as a meeting point for students of different countries interacting with each other and engaging in meaningful learning. She also feels that ISC is a place of mutual learning and the students are provided with an opportunity to get a glimpse of the other's culture, language and attitude towards life. She strongly believes that this would widen the horizons of the young minds and provide them with ample opportunities to dream big and make the most of their lives. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English. She teaches English language and literature. Her area of specialization is Indian writing in English.

Name: Olivia Hay
Position: : ISC Director, Oberlin Shansi Fellow
Contact: iscdirector@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Olivia Hay is the current Director of the International Study Centre and Oberlin Shansi Fellow for 2017-2019. She graduated with a degree in Anthropology with concentrations in Linguistics and Cognitive Science as well as a minor in East Asian Studies. At Oberlin, she was a student-athlete, playing four years of varsity tennis and serving as team captain her senior year. Olivia has studied Japanese, Chinese, and is now learning Tamil. In her spare time, she likes to read, play tennis, travel, and attend Bollywood dance classes. In the past year, she initiated Passport Club, a certificate course that focuses on elevating student's geography skills and providing a foundation for students to have a better understanding of world issues and current events. She also worked with return exchange student, Siva Sangavi (LDC '18), to bring a Model United Nations club to Lady Doak College. Olivia hopes to make resources for study abroad more accessible to Lady Doak College students and would like to see the ISC expand its international outreach and exchange opportunities.

Name: Ms Nirmala Christina
Position: :Program Manager, ISC
Contact: nirmalachristina@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Nirmala Christina is the program manager of ISC and is responsible for managing the affairs of ISC. She has 10 years of experience in working with the South India Term Abroad (SITA) program as a Librarian and outreach and operations manager. At ISC as a new staff, she looks forward to working with students from various universities around the world and also creating an organized space for Doakians to explore broader horizons. She wants to initiate more opportunities for interested Doakians to have a wider choice in international experiences.

Name: Ms Mathangi Kalithas
Position: :Program Assistant, ISC/LiFE Centre
Contact: mathangi@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Ms Mathangi is the program assistant of ISC and Centre for Life Frontier Engagement (LiFE Centre). She works to strengthen the Service-Learning (SL) programmes of the college and build a strong SL team on campus with Faculty and Students. She has travelled over 5 countries within her five years as a student at Lady Doak and those experiences have shaped her to become who she is today, a person who strives for progress than perfection. Her work at ISC would include working for International Service-Learning Programme, working with the student team on campus to encourage SL Involvement and Community Engagement, and building SL International relations. She also works with the Life Frontier Engagement programme. Her quest for learning and education is a never-ending treasure trove.


Coordination Team:

Name: Dr Beulah Mabel S.
Position: Faculty Member
Contact: beulahmabel@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Dr. S. Beulah Mabel is a Faculty in Business Administration Department. She has a rich educational background and work experience. She has over 12 years of teaching experience and has worked in various institutions like Kodaikanal Christian College, Global School of Foreign Trade and Fatima College holding various positions. She was an external member in many prestigious colleges. Her area of interest is International Business, Finance, Strategic Management and Marketing. She has been invited as guest and jury member by the various institutions. She is an excellent organizer. She has organized and conducted many International and National Conference, Seminars, Summit, Symposium, FDP etc., She has been active in research work and has published more than 25 research papers in various International and National journals, and contributed chapters to books. She has authored and published a book titled "Trade Impediments in Exports" ISBN: 9781329656222 published in the year 2015. She is a reviewer in International Publishers for 'International Journal of Enterprise Network Management (IJENM)'. She is a sincere and enthusiastic faculty in motivating the students to achieve their heights. She is an avid reader. She reads a wide variety of books from different genre.

Name: Dr Chithra J.
Position: Faculty Member
Contact: chithra@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Dr J. Chithra is a Mathematics professor who also has international and local experience in facilitating and developing Service-Learning programmes. She is a valuable addition to the ISC's team for this academic year.

Name:Ms Ramya Rachel S.
Position: Faculty Member
Contact: ramyarachel@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Ramya Rachel S. is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Lady Doak College, Madurai. She completed her Postgraduate degree in Economics with a specialisation in Computer Applications. Her research interests lie in the development of rural communities by engaging and working with them. She has presented her papers on Literacy of rural youth and Socio-Economic Status of Rural Women in Malaysia and Oxford. She loves to learn more and develop herself personally and academically. She is an efficient planner and a good time manager. She likes to learn about foreign cultures. She has a thirst for learning new languages and is currently learning Japanese. Being a travel enthusiast, she loves to travel across the world and explore different varieties of food. This made her interested in the International Studies Centre at college. She wishes to share her passion in travelling abroad with everyone. Her desire is to maintain a good relationship with God, family and friends. Her favourite pastimes include cartooning, reading comics and scrapbooking.

Name:Ms. Gokila Lakshmi S.
Position: Faculty Member
Contact: gokilalakshmi@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Ms. Gokila Lakshmi S. is a lecturer in the Department of Botany, Lady Doak College. She is a creative, energetic, proactive and ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes, or situation that she is presented with. She was a International student exchange program from Lady Doak to Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia, United States. She believes that ISC is a place where one can learn about life changing skills and self-recognitions that will end up with the positive vibrations.

Name:Ms Vrushaa S.
Position: Faculty Member
Contact: vrushaa@ldc.edu.in
Bio: Ms Vrushaa is an assistant professor of English and a faculty member of the International Study Centre. She brings her enthusiasm and ideas for the development of the Centre which in turn develops the students in many ways. She just finished her one semester faculty exchange programme at Oberlin College, Ohio, USA.

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