International Service-Learning Programme

The International Service-Learning Programme at Lady Doak College has been a successful endeavor since 2002. This is a short term Service-Learning program titled, “Learning Indian culture through service – the Madurai experience”.

4 weeks in July - August and 4 weeks in January

- To introduce Service-Learning and meaningful community service to the students
- To combine classroom learning and practical knowledge.
- To instill a sense of service in the students.
- To emphasize critical thinking in the students.
- To benefit from the intercultural learning experience.
- To experience academic and campus life in Lady Doak College.

Programme details
We realise it is highly imperative to understand the Indian social and cultural context before engaging in hands on service activities. We also emphasize that cultural learning cannot be done as a tourist but has to be structured and this is why the enhanced ISLP has two components:
1. Cultural Learning

General Orientation Introduction to Lady Doak College and to India This will be an orientation for the participants to acclimatize with the new environment.
Learning of the Tamil Language for basic communication To help students gain a few words in Tamil to help them in Madurai
Understanding social systems in India – society, culture, gender and caste Learning sessions and visits will be the focal point of learning. The participants will be expected to gain an understanding of the social fabric of India and its intricacies.
Country presentations This will be the beginning of the intercultural learning experience.
2. Service-Learning
Exposure and understanding of the service sector in India Orientation visits to service agencies and planned service activity in two service sites These visits will ensure an exposure to the fields of community development, HIV/AIDS and human rights which will give the participant a grounding in the learning for hands on service- learning. The participants will be able to prepare themselves for the next phase of the programme - the hands on service experience. The team will prepare a work plan. The participants will spend the whole day at the service agency giving them time to carry out specific planned activities and have concrete learning experiences.

Both these components will have a reflection component and the hours of engaging in service will be calculated from both components.


Component 1: Approximately, 34 hours of Cultural Learning- Intercultural programs, Cultural site visits and lectures with discussions
Component 2: Approximately, 60 hours of Service-Learning- Discussions, Site Visits and Service at Agencies
Component 3: Approximately, 16 hours of Reflection- Daily reflections, Weekly reflections, Written Reflections and Final Presentation
Requirements Before the programme:
- Preparation of a country presentation - a Powerpoint presentation for about 10 minutes on the home country of the participant, showcasing such things as culture, tradition, society, etc.
- Preparation for activities for the service engagements
- Preparation for a programme reflecting the culture of the home country of the participant
During the programme:
- The participants will be required to maintain a Journal to record their daily reflections and use this journal to share during the reflection sessions.
- The participants will be required to participate in all information sessions and discussions and imbibe an understanding of the Indian scenario.
At the end of the programme:
- An individual presentation on their overall learning experience
- An individual reflective essay on the learning gained from the experience.

Program Cost
Facilities at Lady Doak College
- Free wifi will be available at various spots on campus and the students will have access to this as soon as they reach Lady Doak College.
- All the teams will be picked up at the airport
- Facilities for International currency Exchange will be made available on request.
- Yoga classes periodically for the students.
- They will also have the choice of attending Chapel service daily at the Lady Doak College Chapel.
- Please note that Lady Doak College is a non-smoking, non-alcohol and non-drugs campus. We understand that the students will have difficulty in language here in India and throughout their stay with us for the programme, we will have a team of over 30 student volunteers with them to accompany them to aid in communication. These student volunteers will also help them understand the nuances of Indian culture and social system. They will also be given an orientation on their arrival.

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