To become a transformative leader in higher education fostering globally competent, value based, empowered young women.


To impart holistic education based on gospel values of love, justice, equality and peace in young women from all strata of society and enable them to develop as intellectually mature, morally upright, socially responsible and spiritually inspired women leaders of our nation. The learning processes and experiences are geared to liberate, transform and empower the learner and the learned (teacher).

Educational Objectives (EOs)

•  To work towards achieving academic excellence on par with international standards
•  To enable the 'wholesome' development of each student in the educational, personal, social, cultural and intellectual perspectives
•  To help students become responsible citizens
•  To bring about attitudinal changes in students towards work which will make them employable adults

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Education at Lady Doak College is designed to develop young women become intellectually mature, morally upright, socially responsible and spiritually inspired citizens. On completion of the educational programme at Lady Doak College, the student will be able to
•  exhibit contemporary and comprehensive knowledge of an academic speciality with socio-cultural relevance
•  apply the acquired skill set to analyse, design and solve problems
•  demonstrate linguistic competence and communication skills to articulate ideas coherently, clearly and effectively
•  develop the acumen of creative and critical thinking
•  acquire an ardent spirit of inquiry and be a liberated lifelong learner capable of creating new knowledge
•  make healthy living a lifestyle, be a team player and emerge as influential leaders
•  evolve as a responsible global citizen with a keen sense of civility, ethics and an open mind

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