Service-Learning simply means to make use of what we have learnt in university studies and use our research skills to serve in the community. It also stresses our own self-reflection and learning which can favor students' learning and personal skills. Service-Learning is a holistic approach to education, that enables students to think, judge, care and act responsibly in an ever-evolving global village. It actualizes the long-standing motto of the university: Education for Service.

Service-Learning combines rigorous academic study with voluntary community service. The service performed by students illustrates and reinforces their academic study through the process of critical thought and self-reflection. Service-Learning also requires the active participation of students, community partners, and academic supporters who all come together to promote reciprocal learning. Through experiential education, Service-Learning amplifies students' learning outcomes, addresses real community needs, and encourages the genuine reciprocity of community-university relationships.

Service-Learning at Lady Doak College:

Service-learning is a structured experiential learning in Lady Doak College in which the classroom learning of the core discipline is extended for service to meet the identified community's need. Earlier, all departments offered Service-Learning programmes/courses only to interested students for extra credits. The mission of enhancing the then existing Service-Learning Programme into Life Frontier Engagement is to promote Service-Learning as an integral and enriching aspect of every student's education and to foster the college's engagement with the larger community that furthers the academic and public purposes of the institution. Through its support for Service-Learning and community-based applied research, the Life Frontier Engagement Programme creates opportunities for students and faculty, to learn in partnership with the community and to develop competencies that promote the advancement of a socially responsible citizenry.

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