Human Rights Unit

    Human rights and responsibilities are constantly being discussed world-wide. The cases filed in policie stations, panchayats and courts reveal the magnitude and seriousness of the violation of human rights and people's longing to get justice . The media present incidents and events of violations and the way people organize themselves and strug against injustice . Social and economic activists challenge the oppression and exploitation. Environmental Protection groups are demanding justice to nurture and promote sustainable development. Women and Children activists are working for the cause of gender empowerment & child Welfare. The UNO and the Indian Government have constituted the Human Rights Commission to listen to the victims and work for their rights. The issues of Human Rights have now become an academic discipline in colleges and Universities. It inculcates the values of life to students through courses and motivates them to work for rights and responsibilities of humanity.


    Lady Doak College is the first institution in the South of India to institute Human Right Unit in the year 2000, with a vision to make it a Centre. At present it offers one Value Based Course as a basic requirement for all the under-graduate students with a specially designed syllabus. The Centre has trained Faculty members who work in collaboration with the local NGOs viz., People's Watch , SOCO Trust , PEAL etc. Since 2003-2004 Human Rights as a Value Based course is offered to PG Students of the college in two Semesters.


    Realizing the need and respecting the UN Decade for Human Rights Education, a one semester value based course “Human Rights and Duties” is introduced to all undergraduate students from the academic year 2000 -2001. PG value based course is offered from 2003-2004.  The courses aim to create awareness on human rights issues and embed the qualities of humility, empathy and mutual respect for others.  HRE creates a clear perception on the rights and responsibilities in the minds of young people to enhance peace and harmony.  Human Rights Day celebrations and Martin Macwan Endowment Lecture are the annual programmes of the unit.  Student visits to District Court, Police Stations and to NGO’s offer unique learning experience.



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