In the ever-dynamic higher education scenario, the Lady Doak College vision still stays true to the mission of educating the girl child since 1948. In its quest for excellence in all areas of education, the college allows for growth of its faculty, students and non-teaching staff. With state-of-the-art technology that ascertains technology-enhanced teaching and learning, promoting research and industrial relations, sustaining the organizational culture and an energy-efficient, eco-friendly campus, the journey has been progressive and challenging.

Within the portals of Lady Doak College, training to better oneself becomes a lifestyle. The Centre for Human Resource Development offers training programme for various dimensions of professional development. Newly recruited faculty undergo an Orientation Programme that gives them a clear picture of what is expected of them. The Centre plans and organizes programmes to groom faculty teams in areas such as leadership, curriculum design, evaluation, innovative teaching pedagogy and work-life balance to sharpen and strengthen professional acumen. Regular techno-sharing sessions enable faculty to share their expertise with novices in the use of ICT-tools for classroom teaching. Spiritual nourishment is provided through annual retreats that relate scripture to life.

If the teaching fraternity is the backbone of the college, then the students are its life-breath. Programmes at the college and in departments open up a vista of opportunities to explore their creative, critical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual selves. The students elect their own representatives to the Student Cabinet that also includes the Joint Council for Action in Residence, a committee that delves into matters pertaining to resident life. Programmes made available to them for their all-round development range from Human Rights and gender equity to life skills and leadership skills, self-defense, yoga, sports, communication skills and soft skills. The college also provides opportunities to help develop their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. Student exchange programmes abroad provide exposure and experience in broadening one's horizon and building up self-confidence and responsible freedom. Student feedback is given due consideration with student representation in department Board of Studies and Academic Council meetings. The Clinic and the Counseling Centre administer medication and care.

With its all-embracing style of functioning, the committed non-teaching staff, are provided training programmes necessary to enhance their skills. TALLY, pension calculation, retreats, scripture exam, counseling sessions, sports and games and free/subsidized education for their children in the college, are the various avenues open for their overall well-being and development.

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