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Centre for Environmental Studies

Humanity to have a sustainable future on this diverse planet with many environmental inequalities, it can only be through a process of multidisciplinary environmental education and co-operation that transcend anything we see today. Realising the importance of shouldering the responsibility towards environmental protection and sustainable development and fighting against environmental pollution and degradation in our country and the world at large, the college set up a Centre for Environmental Studies in the Year 2003.

Eco-initiatives of the Academic year (2015-2016), are focused 

Theme : Towards an Energy Efficient Campus (2015-2016)

  • To minimize energy consumption for reducing Green house gas emission
  • To educate the LDC community on the importance of energy conservation and motivate to exhibit a behavioral change

To initiate infrastructural change with regard solar power, energy star procurement policy and increase green cover.

  Plan of action Proposed activities Time Frame
Action Plans Motivation for behavioural change
  • Display of Posters on Climate change policy and steps to save energy, street play & film show
  • Presentation during Dept. Club meetings
  • Guest lecture by

Mr. Muralitharan, Lead Auditor, RINA Bangalore

July-October 2015
  • Presentation during Dept. Club meetings
  • Energy minimization days

( No vehicle day and reduce electricity day)

November 2015- January 2016
Initiating infrastructural change
  • Conversion of all T5 tube lights to LED lights
  • Routing the electricity generated by solar panel in Pandian hostel to administrative block for the Month of May and June.
  • Fixing up of submeters in hostel blocks, administrative blocks and college block.
  • Maintaining temperature of air conditioners at 240 C wherever possible.
  • Increasing the carbon sequestration by tree planting.
  • Installation of new solar panels
August to February 2016
Theme (2014-15) Towards a Zero waste campus.
  • To minimise resource use to reduce waste generation
  • To motivate the LDC community to realize the importance of zero waste management.
  • To  recycle  selected wastes for resource recovery
Suggestions given Followup
  1. Quantify food waste and create awareness among resident students
  2. Market the vermicompost through an outlet in the college store.
  1. Students of biotechnology have taken a survey of the food waste, and quantified it to be 10kg of food/day. Posters have been displayed in the residential halls
  2. Zoology department has accepted the proposal and a budget for setting up a outlet is prepared.

Eco-initiatives of the Academic year (2014-2015), are focused Towards Zero Waste campus

Solid waste management

Source Reduction:

  • Waste paper Recycling Unit: Environmental stewardship in paper waste management was initiated in the Department of Botany & Microbiology. College &School students were given exposure to the preparation of recycled paper. The recycled paper is being utilised by the college to print files, invitations, greeting cards and bags
  • Rain Water Harvesting: Percolation ponds and rain water harvesting structures have been installed throughout the campus . These structures are situated near the bore wells on campus 
  • Solar candle – Prepared by Physics Department for Candle Lighting Ceremony

  • Food waste from hostels and canteen is being sent to a piggery unit
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