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Students Life


Tamil: Tamil Literary Club

Competitons like Quiz, Essay Writing, Verse Writing, Short Story writing, Skit, and Elocution to develop skills of students. Special lectures by resource persons from the dept. and outside college


English: Arcadia

Lectures on important topics in Literature - resource persons from the dept. and outside college. Competitions like Quiz, Dump charade, mock skit, elocution to develop skills of students. Intercollegiate met - Literary day. Seminars on the latest trends in Literary criticism.


History: Phoenix

Special lectures on topics of interest, speakers from collaborating agencies / other institutions. Competitions: Paper presentation, Quiz, Rangoli etc. Display of students collections / hand work. History day celebrations- Intercollegiate meet.


Economics: Oikonomia

Inter-Departmental and Inter collegiate competitions. Guest lectures on current economic topics. Activities like quiz, Rangoli ( on economic themes) to develop the innate talents of the students.


Social Sciences: Sophis Club

Guest speakers are invited to speak on special issues relevant to the subjects. Paper presentations, debates, quiz, panel discussion are arranged. Interesting games are organized to promote group task, leadership skills etc.


Commerce: Commerce Club and PG Association

Special lectures on current affairs with special references to business and industries. Seminars and paper presentation for PG Students.


Commerce (SF): Twilight

Special lectures on current affairs relating to business, made industry and personality development and healthy living. Competitions to enhance the talents of students. Games to develop specific skills like concentration, effective listening etc.


Maths: Maths Club

Competitions and Mathematical gameslike puzzles, paradoxes, Dumb Charade, Quiz, Maths Magic Brain twisters, and Super password. Guest lectures by eminent mathematicians. Paper presentation. Exhibitory mathematical models.


Physics: Janus Club

Lectures on various topics in physics. Seminars by students. Competitions to develop student skill and knowledge in physics and related areas.


Physics: Astro Club

Lectures and audio visual programmes. Night sky watching and watching special clestial events.


Chemistry: Chemistry Club

Special lectures on the current topic in chemistry and its relevance to the society. Skill development programmes. Competitions to enhance their academic skills.


Botany: Orchid

Skill oriented competitions related to the subject. Talent show to exhibit indivitual's latent potential. Special lectures in the recent development of the subject.


Zoology: Oikos

Lectures by resource persons to motivate students. Inter collegiate competitions to compare and promote student potential. Talent show to express students interest.


Computer science: Lycos

Guest lectures and seminars in current IT trends. Competitions to promote student skill and knowledge in recent IT trends. Inter Collegiate Competition to enhance the students capability, potential and talents.


BBA: Vrithik Club Management.

Games to promote managerial skills in students. Guest lectures, seminars and workshops on current management topics. Inter collegiate meet to promote organizing skills.



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