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Traditional medicines are an invaluable resource for mankind. It is used to refer both traditional medicine system and various forms of indigenous medicine. Tribal peoples are endowed with enriched traditional wisdom to use available nature resources around them. Each tribe has explored the medicinal property of herbs in their area by observation and trial and error method. They followed their own health practices, believes, spiritual therapies and exercises. They are comprehensively knowledgeable in the usage of plant for treating various diseases. It is reported that over 6000 plants in India are in use of traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda, Unanai, and Siddha. Around 800 plant species are explored by 500 tribal communities for curing different diseases. India possesses a total of 427 tribal communities, of which, 37 tribal communities belongs to Tamil Nadu such as Irular, Kanikaran, Kattunayakan, Kota, Kurimbas, Palliyan, Paniyan, Sholaga and Toda. As herbal medicines have been used to treat many infectious diseases and save lives of developing countries, about 70% of the Indian population is dependent on herbal medicine.

If you are using MEDDB, Please cite: John Asnet Mary, Karuppiah Chandran Priyadharshini, Gurusamy Prabakaran Rubia Amal,Gunasekaran Ramya, Radhakrishnan Nithya, Morkondam Balasubramanian Ambika & Rajaiah Shenbagarathai. MEDDB: A medicinal plant database developed with the information gathered from tribal people in and around Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Bioinformation 8(8): 389-391 (2012).











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