Chapel Ministries

    Daily worship services and Special Services for Chirstmas & Lenten seasons and their important occasions.

College Choir

    Interested students join the college choir & get trained in church music to sing at all important functions and chapel services such as Christmas carol service and Lenten Service of music.

Counseling Service

    Counsels Students through trained teachers and peer counselors & conducts workshops to train peer counselors & teachers.

Christian Education

    All christian students undergo basic courses in understanding the old testament, the New Testament and Theology outside class hours. Christian Education council conducts exams and awards certificates.

Student Christian movement (SCM)

    All Christians students are member of the SCM. Various programmer & Competitions are organized to nurture them in christian faith and action. Resident students involve in outreach activities during Sundays by visiting old age homes, hospitals & educating slum children.

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