Service Learning Programmes


  • To provide learning opportunity to school children through facilitates and resources setup on campus.

  • To motivate school children for higher education.

  • To serve the community by transferring technology.

  • To provide our students S-L opportunity on campus.

1.LAMP-(Learning and Application Made Possible )

  • A Learning Centre

  • Science Corner (Instrumentation Section, Simple Working Models...)

  • Arts Section (Displays, Laminated Sheets, Models)

  • Herbal Garden(Plants with displays about their medical values)

  • Language Lab(interactive CDs and DVDs to teach English)

  • Mini Theatre(Multimedia show on Science concepts and social issues)

2.Lab-Service-'Lab to Land' Project

  • Analytical Corner- Chemistry students gain analytical skills developed in the lab for testing various consumables used in day to day life.

  • Nutritive Corner-Botany students have training for preparing nutritive food and to test the food spoilage of various food products.

  • Diagnostic corner- Students of Zoology apply their diagnostic skills for testing body fluids.

  • Electrical Corner- Physics students apply their knowledge in electronics to rectify simple faults in electronic appliances.

3.Techno-Serve(Transferring Technology through S-L)

    Transferring technology to rural community and thereby improving their quality of life through activities such as creation of web page for rural community , use of alternate energy, waste water treatment and vermin composting.Distinguished Partnership for Service_ Learning

    The college is a distinguished and recognized member of the international Partnership for Service-Leaning (IIPSL), New york, USA . One student /service agency will be honoured by the IPSL with a certificate for their outstanding contribution for the Service-Learning programmes of the institution.

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