With the help of faculty members, students and well-wishers of the college, CHCD offers the following:


   A Day-Care Centre on the ground floor of CHCD takes care of children in the age group 1-5. children of staff members, students and working parents benefit from this venture. It is open from 8 am to 6 pm and women workers are employed on full time basis to take care of children . It has a play area for out-door games and hall for in-door activities. Children above the ages of 2 are helped to acquire basic learning and verbal skills through play-and-learn method. A nominal fee is charged for this facility. Centre for Holistic child development


   CHILD, housed on the first floor of CHCD is open from 9.15 a.m. To 5.45 p.m. It has separate room to cater for the different needs of children. The library has about 7000 volumes in various disciplines. The Audio-visual room is equipped with videotapes and CD's on science, history, biographies, animal kingdom, animation series etc. it also has a creative Corner and Playroom. More than 100 children are registered members of this library. The staff in charge of CHILD is an artist and trains children in skills such as reading, drawing, painting, and designing. Summer camp and workshops are conducted to give intensive training to the children to develop their skill and perspectives. Dr. Jim Helm & his wife Anne Helm(our friends from the U.S) and our staff members contribute their time and resources to the development of this Centre.


   A classroom attached to CHCD ie equipped with models and charts explaining History, Culture, Economics, Science and Technology to motivate children of local schools to aspire for hiher education. LAMP provides a wonderful opportunity for the under privileged school students to learn through 'Do and Learn' activities. Rural schools are invited to bring their students to spend a day in the LDC campus to visit LAMP,CHILD, Language Lab, Multimedia Theatre and Environmental projects. The part IV students help this Unit as part of their services activity.


   Seminars and workshops are organized by CHCD to educate parents, teachers, leaders of institutions and organizations in the area of child development. Faculty members of different departments and other centers speak at seminars on children at risk, childcare, counseling of children and holistic development in children.


   A newsletter about the programmes and activities of the CHCD is in the pipeline . It will also have pictures, slogans and poems by the children.


CHCD hopes to work with NGO's & churches for the development of the street children of Madurai City.


You can

  • Make use of our Day-Care Centre and CHILD by becoming a member.

  • Donate toys, children books and CD's for children.

  • Motivate your students by bringing them to LAMP.

  • Take part in seminars and workshops organized by CHCD.

  • contribute financially for the programmes of CHCD.

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