1. To nurture children through creative learning & recreational activities.

  2. To provide Day-Care facilities for the children of staff members, students and families in need of such a facility.

  3. To provide a library equipped with books and audio- visual facilitates to enhance their knowledge and to inspire a bonding with books.

  4. To develop, in children, skills in the field of art, handwork, designing, music, o0ration etc. to inspire values and promote character formation.

  5. To conduct seminars, workshops and training programmes for parents and organizations to promote child care awareness.

  6. To help children improve inter-personal skills and enable them become better citizens.

  7. To invite local school children to LDC campus, to visit different departments and be motivated to go in for higher studies.

  8. To collaborate with the Government, churches, NGO's and Agencies working for the development children.

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