Highlights :

Highlights Of Tamil Language & Literature Program


Part I Tamil to all major students in two levels (A & B) for Tamil Major and all other major students. Elective course offered in two levels for Non Tamil Students.


Study of Tamil Literature at various ages (from Sangam to Modern age), Grammar and Linguistics, Folklore, Journalism, Comparative study of Tamil and Malayalam Literature, Festivals and Nature and Life.


History of TamilNadu and Culture I & II


Research Methodology , Independent Project work / Internship course (Epigraphy / Computer Tamil)


Study of Tamil Literature from Sangam to Modern Period, Grammar and Linguistics, Translation, Tamil Feminism, Job Oriented Tamil, Malayalam, Independent Project work.


Research Methodology, Minor Journals, Submission of Dissertation.

Self Learning Courses: (UG)

1.Bharathi and Women Empowerment

2.Christianity and Tamil

3.Mass Media and Communication

4.Temple Arts

Service Learning Courses:

1. Life Education in Villages

2. Perfect Learning


1. Naturopathy

2. Malayalam

3. Creative Journalism

4. Personality and Historical persons

5. Dramatics

6. Folk Arts and Handicrafts

Major Optional: (UG)

1. Virtues in Tamil Literature

2. Tamil Literature and Political movement.

Major Optional:(PG)


2.Values in Tamil Literature

Self Learning: (PG)

1. Folk Tales and Ballads

2. Comparative Literature - An Introduction

3. Literary Criticism and Critics

4. Book Review


1. Tamil and other Disciplines

2. South East Asian Tamil Literature

Future Plans:

1. To have Language Lab in Collaboration with English Department

2. To publish a text book for Job Oriented Tamil.

Long Term Plans:

1. To publish a text book for UG course.

2. To conduct a seminar for school Teachers and School Children separately.

3. Which attracts internationals to come and learn Tamil Language and Literature.

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