Computational Physics Lab

This air conditioned lab with 25 systems is meant for the technological development of the students. It is equipped to conduct all programming oriented labs like C, OOPS, RDBMS, MySQL, System Administration, PC Hadware, Visual Programming. It also houses selected research grade software. Students are allowed to access internet other than lab hours also.


The lab is installed with ArcGIS 9.0 and ERDAS which are top end softwares to learn and implement Geographical Information Systems. It also houses a Trimble Theodolite, a Differential GPS – Trimble Geo XT, a Rover – Trimble Juno SD.

Research Lab

M. Phil and Ph. D scholars work exclusively in this lab which has a digital balance, a hot air oven, a dip coating unit and spin coating unit. The scholars also have access to the common instrumentation center of the college which houses research grade instruments. The thin film unit of the center is housed in Physics department.


The Physics Library is stacked with nearly 4500 books which covers almost all the areas in Physics ranging from core Physics to recent developments in the subject. Open access system is followed for the benefit of the students.

General Lab

By working in this lab, students

  • demonstrate the fundamental principles of Physics;
  • develop and improve their experimental techniques and data analysis;
  • gain and enhance student understanding of basic Physics concepts through direct observation of empirical evidence and hands-on learning.;
  • understand the role of direct observation in Physics and distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments.

Electronics Lab

The Electronics laboratory is well equipped with Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Digital storage oscilloscope, multimeters and Electronic components. Through experimentation in this lab,

  • Students are oriented to develop their experimental skills in the 1st year of joining the college.
  • Each individual is given an opportunity to do the experiments on her own.
  • All the basic concepts on Electronics and Digital Electronics that are theoretically learnt can be executed practically.
  • Students are trained to design and study circuits using software like SPICE and TINA.

Optics Lab

Lasers, mercury bulbs, sodium bulbs light up this sunlight proof lab. Experiments ranging from basic dispersion with prism to higher level interferometers can be done using the instruments in this lab. All students (UG & PG) learn through experimentation in the relaxed ambience of this lab.

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