Department of French


Part I French is offered at two levels

Requisite: Students who have completed a minimum of 2 years of formal education of French can join the French Part I higher level course which is offered in the I (Science and Humanities) and II year (Humanities).


  • Study of extracts from French Poetry, Drama, Novel and excerpts from authentic documents on history and civilization.
  • Training in composition writing, letter writing, poetry writing and dialogue writing.
  • Study of Spoken French in the basic level.

A Basic level course in French (French for Beginners) -is offered to the I and II year students of the UG programme.


  • Study of Grammar
  • Simple conversations in French
  • Classroom activities for writing and speaking.
  • Usage of audio-visual aids

Non Major Electives

Requisite: Students who do not have any knowledge of French and who have 65% in Plus Two English can take French as a non major elective.


  • Emphasis is laid on spoken French.
  • Classroom activities like role play and quiz.

Special Points of Interest / Special Features:

On the spot studies: Catering colleges for French Cuisine- Demonstration and Theory classes.

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