Department of Economics

Programs Offered


M.A. Economics

The aim of the course is to keep pace with the current trends in Economics and to promote research aptitude and analytical skills to understand real world dynamics.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

  • to understand the relevance of economic concepts and principles and to apply them in the context of a development agenda
  • to equip the students with quantitative techniques (Mathematical, Statistical and Econometric ) for analysing economic problems with empirical evidence.
  • to expose the students to the methodology of economic research and enable them to carry out research projects
  • to evaluate the economic policies of the government and recommend alternate strategies for development.

PG Course Profile and Syllabus



Eligibility to register for Ph.D. in the Post Graduate and Research Department of Economics:

M.A. Economics / M.Sc. Mathematical Economics with or without M.Phil. with 55% of Marks

Selection Procedure of a Ph.D. Research Scholar - as per Madurai Kamaraj University guidelines (


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