Programs Offered

Ph. D.,

The department has three recognized guides of the Madurai Kamaraj University. The areas of research include Coordination chemistry, Nanomaterials and Electrochemistry.

M. Phil.,

The Program includes Research Methodology, In depth study and desertation work. It enables the students to develop skills in the use of information technology for literature survey and data acquisition. It helps the students to apply statistical tools and information technology to chemical research and to become familiar with the latest research in the field of dissertation.



A challenging programme designed based on UGC and NET syllabus. Advanced topics pertaining to current recent trends in chemistry such as advanced spectroscopy, cheminformatics, green chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, nanomaterials, etc., are included in the course. Lab courses include the general organic, inorganic and physical experiments. Self - handling of equipment’s includes UV- Visible spectrophotometer, spectrofluorimeter, AAS, FES, etc.

Course Profile and Syllabus

B.Sc.,(spl.) Chemistry

The under graduate programme includes advanced courses like cheminformatics (theory and lab), spectroscopy, green chemistry and organic synthesis, quantum chemistry, etc., along with core courses (Theory and lab).

Course Profile and Syllabus


The diploma course on Informatics for drug design is a one year program offered to student who have completed their XII (science group) and to under graduate science students which they can do along with their B. Sc., The course deals with the basics in the field of cheminformatics applied to drug design. Hands on training in the software related to the field is given in order to develop confidence in the subject. A project work is also included in the course.


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