In continuation of  the efforts taken  towards sustainability, a training programme on “Environmental Impact and Assessment” was conducted from July 9th to 12th,2014 in the campus. This workshop helped the faculty/researchers to analyse the impact of various projects on immediate surroundings / environment.

Key Resource Person:     

Professor Reginald Victor, Department of Biology,

Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

Environmental Impact Assessment of Satellite campus

As a follow-up of the training programme the Center for Environmental Studies, will carry out Environmental impact assessment of satellite campus with the help of students

  1. Study of the flora of the campus   –   Department of Botany

  2. Study of the fauna of the campus  –   Zoology & Biotech Departments

  3. Chemical analysis of soil & water –   Department of Chemistry

  4. Particulate analysis                       –   Department of Chemistry

The above analysis would help to see the presence of any red listed flora/fauna in the campus for preservation.

The soil and water analysis – need  for  pretreatment of soil/water

Particulate analysis  - reveal pollution level

National Consultation-“Enriching Environmental Education-7&8th Feb, 2013:

  • The two-day deliberations facilitated a sharing of varied experiences and inputs from across the country and abroad on enhancing environmental education towards having a sustainable world for the future generations.-Core committee members and about 30 participants from other colleges ,Universities and Nongovernmental organisations & 25 faculty from Lady Doak attended the Programme
  • International Conference on Science, Society and Sustainability “with the theme on “Many Species One Planet for Posterity” held from 11th to 13th January 2012
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