Academic Programmes

Integrating Environmental education in the curriculum 

   The center for environmental studies  increases environmental awareness by developing & validating innovative & flexible programmes such as Elective courses, LDC Ecobrigade/ eco-initiatives on campus and Extension programmes.

    Coordinates all activities related to environmental issues through LDC Ecobrigade/ eco-initiatives on campus.

     Offers an elective course -Human environment and society  which is mandatory to all the first year undergraduate students in the second semester.


Course code: LEB 0105C

Course Title: LDC ECO BRIGADE 

80 Hours

Learning outcome

On completion of the course the student will be able to       

  • recognise the value of environment and the need to conserve them
  • analyse the various environmental issues and impact on all life.
  • develop a concern for the environment and become an environmentally sensitive citizen.


20 Hours

Environment & Society

  1. Environmental  conservation
  2. Environmental issues towards sustainable future

Field work and activities                                                       

60 Hours

  1. Nature walk
  • Tree walk
  • Bird watching
  1. Greening of campus
  • Plant adoption
  1. Campaigning within and outside college-Through Rally, film shows
  2. Eco -verse writing, Eco Calendar/Personal Eco diary/Documentary film making
  3. Street theatre- learning & performance in the village with the NSS
  4. Promoting awareness in schools and villages
  5. Visit to Effluent treatment plants & Recycling units and other places of relevance
  6. Activities towards Zero waste campus
  • Solid waste  audit
  • Campus Environment audit
  1. Newsletter

A Student is expected to participate in any FIVE of the mentioned activities and submit suitable reports for evaluation

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