Advisor Advisee :

To help our students to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities that are available in the society, the college has a very effective advisor/advisee system.  The advisor's most important role is to act as the advocate for the student's academic and social interests.Personal care and attention are given to students by faculty. A batch of 15 – 20 students is assigned to each faculty member to monitor the academic and non-academic progress. The advisors meet the advisees once in fifteen days during the departmental club hour to develop rapport with them.

Advisor Advisee :

  • Helping the advisees to better understand the importance of the academic advising system and the roles each person plays in it.
  • Monitoring progress toward educational/career goals by helping them to identify the opportunities.
  • Helping the students when academic, attitudinal, attendance, or personal problems require intervention.
  • Informing students of services available for remediation, academic assistance, and other needs.
  • Maintaining an advising file for the advisees.

Matters to Discuss:

The interaction with advisee would help the department to scrutinize students for many purposes. Kindly make it efficient by building a Strong and healthy rapport with your advisee Thank you.

1. Have one-one interaction to advisee and ensure confidentiality to them
2. Collect and update the advisee details

  • Academic(Formative marks,previous semester arrears),
  • Personal(family,annual income,parents and sibling occupation)
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Health problems if any

3. Collect any grievances and complaints to take appropriate action.
4. Registration of elective, NME and IDM courses will be online.
5. Extra credit courses, self learning courses and various long term and short term clubs available in college premises.
6. Enrollment in ISC(International Studies center) about abroad opportunities and student exchange programmes.
7. Encourage and motivate them to participate in all extra curricular activities(competitions,seminars,conferences) inside and outside college.
8. Students with arrear in previous semester should register for supplementary exams.
9. Payment of exam and college fee should be made on time without delay.
10. Improvement test available for I UG and I PG in I semester.
11. Importance of Remedial classes( will be given for students who could not score good marks).
12. I and II UG students should complete(attendance and theory test) Part-V for getting degree.(Part-V mandatory)
13. Students can share any kind of her problems to her advisor (should ensure confidentiality) at her available free time.
14. Follow a template for every student to collect and maintain her details(academic,family,personal).

Responsibilities of Advisees :

  • Clarify their personal values, abilities, interests, and goals.
  • Take a proactive role in determining their future.
  • Contact/make appointments with the advisor when required or in need of assistance.
  • Advisor - Advisee List

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