Advisor Advisee :

To help our students to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities that are available in the society, the college has a very effective advisor/advisee system.  The advisor's most important role is to act as the advocate for the student's academic and social interests.Personal care and attention are given to students by faculty. A batch of 15 – 20 students is assigned to each faculty member to monitor the academic and non-academic progress. The advisors meet the advisees once in fifteen days during the departmental club hour to develop rapport with them.

Advisor Advisee :

  • Helping the advisees to better understand the importance of the academic advising system and the roles each person plays in it.
  • Monitoring progress toward educational/career goals by helping them to identify the opportunities.
  • Helping the students when academic, attitudinal, attendance, or personal problems require intervention.
  • Informing students of services available for remediation, academic assistance, and other needs.
  • Maintaining an advising file for the advisees.

Responsibilities of Advisees :

  • Clarify their personal values, abilities, interests, and goals.
  • Take a proactive role in determining their future.
  • Contact/make appointments with the advisor when required or in need of assistance.
  • Advisor - Advisee List

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