Best Practices


In the Postgraduate level, students have to undergo individual projects in the final semester which is one of the most important single piece of work required in the degree programme. It provides the opportunity for them to demonstrate independence and originality, to plan and organize a large project over a long period, and to put into practice some of the techniques they have been taught throughout the course. Whatever their level of academic achievement so far, they can show their individuality and inspiration in this project.

The students took up the projects offered by the software companies which may vary substantially in breadth, depth and degree of difficulty. Students are advised to tackle harder, riskier projects that require a high degree of original input and/or technical problem solving. They are motivated to undertake real-time projects which will provide a way for them to continue their career there itself. Some of the companies in which they undergo project are HCL INFO Systems, INVICTUS, HP Education Services, GRIAN Technologies, CandelaSoft Technologies, and Pacific Blue Technologies. Some of our students contribute their knowledge to our college by developing a module in the College Automation Software.

The initial assessment of the project will be undertaken by the Project supervisor. The assessment will then be completed by the assessment team which is made up by supervisors and other teaching staff in the successive reviews. The students have to give a brief presentation about their project process. The team marks are later moderated to ensure that the marks are globally consistent. Finally, they have to appear for external Project viva-voce evaluated by an external examiner.

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