Department of Botany


Students are recruited in Universities, Colleges, Schools, Clinical laboratories, Biotechnology & Microbiology Laboratories and Research Institutes in India and abroad.

S. No. Company name Job / Position offered by the Company Number of Students attended

Name of the selected Students with

Register Number


Student – Computer Applications

5 Students –III UG Botany R. Savitha – 13BOT042
2. Sutherland Global Services CRE   M. Joeal Reshma-13BOT015
3. ILM English trainer 7 Students – III UG Botany

R.Savitha – 13BOT042

M.Sujatha – 13BOT044

M.Pinky Jasmine Kavimalar– 13BOT031

S.Aiesvaryaa – 13BOT003

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