Department of Botany



Two laboratories with well equipped facilities for UG & PG, two air-conditioned instrumentation rooms having sophisticated instruments such as Environmental shaker (orbital), Sonicator, Trinocular Research Microscope for bright dark field with fluorescence & Digital camera attachment, PCR, Biosafety Cabinet, Biological oxygen monitor, Leaf area meter, Laminar air flow systems and Bacteriological incubation chambers, JASCO Spectrofluorometer, Modular Raman Spectrometer, Bayspec, USA, Solvent Extractor, VELP Scientifica, Italy

AAS, GC, Gel documentation system and separate culture room for algal and fungal cultures to facilitate students and faculty to carry out their individual and group projects. Plant tissue culture facility established under DST-FIST.


Services – Analysing metal ions in (Shimadzu) AAS-7000 and fatty acids in

(Shimadzu 2010) gas chromatographic

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