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Urgent and Important Information

As per the latest direction given from the JDCE, regular classes will begin from 10 am on 23rd January. Resident students are required to be in the college by 10 am. It's day order 3 for classes on 23rd. Shift I will have classes from 2nd hour. Even I PGs will not have tests tomorrow.

About Lady Doak College

About LDC Lady Doak College, a premier Christian Institution and the first Women's College in Madurai, was the brainchild of Ms. Katie Wilcox, an American missionary with a vision and fervour for the empowerment of women. The College made its humble genesis in 1948, and within a short span of time, in 1978, it was commissioned to function as an autonomous college, being affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University.


Our Emblem

About LDC The motto of Lady Doak College consists of three Latin words, 'Semper pro Veritate' meaning, 'Always for the Truth' (II Corinthians 13:8).

Core Values and Ethos of the College

The college is built and stands on the Core Values of Honesty & Integrity, Love & Service, Giving & Forgiving, Freedom & Accountability, Justice & Equality in

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About LDC